Coming Soon: Carhartt WIP for La Haine 25th Anniversary

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of the iconic French film La Haine, Carhartt WIP has created an exclusive capsule collection in collaboration with its creator and director Matthieu Kassovitz.

First released in 1995, La Haine recounts a whirlwind 20 hours in the life of three friends – Vinz, Saïd, and Hubert – from Paris’ banlieues, found on the outskirts of the French capital. Shot entirely in black and white, this seminal work shone a light on the tensions between those who lived in the banlieues – typically some of the city’s poorest inhabitants – and the police, whose presence was often symbolic of a political class unwilling to address the wider, more systemic issues in these neighborhoods.

A tale of teenage boredom and lost youth, Vinz, Saïd, and Hubert resolve to live the most important day of their lives, after a night of riots sparked by the beating of their friend, Abdel Ichah, by a police officer during an interrogation. While Vinz vows to take revenge if the hospitalized Abdel dies, Hubert portrays a calmer, more considered demeanor, with the lively Saïd providing something of a link between the two.

While Kassovitz’s film is fictional, the stories and characters it featured were very much reflective of reality. In La Haine, Kassovitz gave a voice to these experiences, as well as highlighting the stark contrast between life in the banlieues and Paris itself.

The resulting capsule collection consists of seven pieces, including a hoodie, t-shirts, and a beanie similar to the one worn by the character Hubert. Three of the t-shirts feature behind the scenes shots by the photographer Gilles Favier,* whose stark, black and white photography helped inform the film’s aesthetic.

In addition, there is an embroidered Active Jacket, like that worn on the set of the film by Kassovitz, a longtime friend of the brand. This piece is exclusive to Carhartt WIP friends and family, and crew members from the film.

Carhartt WIP for La Haine 25th Anniversary will be available from December 3rd at select Carhartt WIP stores and