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Winter 2023 by Daniel Derro Regan

Model wearing Carhartt WIP Moreau Check Stripe Shirt Deep Hamilton Brown

Photographer Daniel Derro Regan situates the Carhartt WIP Winter 2023 campaign in New York City – not as a fixed location, but as a fragment of memory and time that, when viewed in the light of present day, feels oddly resonant.Two models wearing Alberta Hat in Leather and Rugged Letterman Jacket on the left and Throw Up T-Shirt in Blue on the right

Ambient lighting throughout the series of images emphasizes the city's synthetic glow at night, stretching from Queens to Harlem, while also evoking pre-millennium film stills. Moments of stillness and solitude are interspersed, meanwhile, captured in unadorned domestic spaces or empty subway cars and platforms.Model wearing Carhartt WIP Dwyer Shirt in a restaurant in New York

The clothes themselves are taken from this season’s Carhartt WIP collection, but in their loose cuts and rugged fabric choices, also embody a sense of late 90s NYC. This does not come from a deliberate desire for nostalgia, but through the cyclical nature of aesthetics, in which even timeless classics can undergo perceived lulls and bursts of renewed energy.

Moreau Check Shirt Jacket in Deep Hamilton BrownOregon Sweater in Black Starco Stripe

Chore Vest in BlueAlberta Cap in Leather

These ideas, when placed in dialogue with Regan, offer a richly atmospheric take on the city — one that does not feel strictly beholden to a single era, but of memories interpreted from a contemporary vantage point.

Heart Balloon T-Shirt in CassisWork Varsity Bomber in Deep Hamilton Brown

OG Loose Fit Single Knee Pant Denim in BlueWomen's OG Active Jacket (Winter) in Black

Model on the left wearing Work Varsity Bomber in Deep Hamilton Brown and Model on the right wearing Heart Balloon T-Shirt in Cassis

Model Wearing Moreau Cap in Liberty, Chore Vest in Blue, and Oregon Sweater in Black Starco Stripe in a Train StationModel Wearing Moreau Cap in Liberty, Chore Vest in Blue, and Oregon Sweater in Black Starco Stripe in a Train