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Shin Sanbongi - Riding the Wave

"I dropped out of high school and all I did was skate and surf, skate and surf."

Solo's Stefan Schwinghammer flew to Tokyo to meet Carhartt WIP team rider Shin Sanbingo for an interview and to skate with him in his hometown, Chigasaki, a San Diego-like beach town about 40 miles away from Tokyo.

How did you get into skateboarding?

I first saw a skateboard because my father used to have one. He’s a surfer, but he also skated.

So you experienced skateboarding at an early age?

Yeah, but I used to play soccer for nine years. I went to Barcelona to play soccer and there were these two kids at the homestay. The guys were skaters and we were walking around Barcelona when I saw them skate. I was surprised because I saw a flip trick for the first time, and then I went back to Japan and tried out skateboarding but only transition at first.

Click here to read the full interview and to watch Shin's latest footage featured in "Riding the Wave".