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Synthetic Memory

Your Body Is an Autonomous Zone 

Photography by Max Lewis 

Inspired by the writing of Hakim Bey on the idea of Temporary Autonomous Zones, these wearable tents by CMP OFFICE draw from found imagery, filmed in fields and warehouses that were once the setting of wide-eyed, sweaty escapism, but which now lie empty and silent.

"There is a rhythmic force, a world music that lives deep in the unconscious of each of us."

Artificial Nostalgia

AI and Diagram by Roxanne Zeiher

As specters of bygone eras fill our feeds, divorced from their original context, artist CMP OFFICE harnesses AI Technology to explore a heightened sense of synthetic simulation.

"It’s a primitive drumbeat, a tribal chant that invokes the primal self to rise up and join the dance."

"This is the enthusiasm that is generated now."

Transonic Prophecy: A Personal and Planetary Attunement

For CMP OFFICE’s final installment in her series of visual interventions, she takes things offline and off-grid, through her spiraling geoglyphs. Inspired by alternative communication systems, this series nods to rave-flyers printed with location-revealing hotline numbers and the alien motifs that often accompanied them. Seen from overhead, these land-art works speak to a sense of searching for a higher power.

"Not a rhetorical persuasion, not a play on emotions, but a charismatic, irresistible Call of the Wild."


"This is a time for instinct, not intellect. The Thunder from Beneath."

All works by CMP OFFICE

Taken from WIP magazine issue 04, SYNTHETIC MEMORY is an extensive dossier, marking the 30th anniversary of the “Second Summer of Love,” when Acid House exploded across the UK, while also examining the power of cultural nostalgia.