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Carhartt WIP x Pop Trading Company

For Fall/Winter 2019, Carhartt WIP has collaborated with Pop Trading Company. The resulting capsule collection sees Carhartt WIP archetypes, such as the Detroit Jacket and Nimbus Pullover, filtered through the lens of the Amsterdam-based skate brand.

Founded in 2013, Pop Trading Company initially started out as a distribution company, selling skate brands like Palace and Polar within the Benelux market, before going on to launch its own brand in 2016. Since then, it has garnered a following thanks to its understated, refined menswear, and deft reworkings of styles that were popular when its founders, Peter Kolks and Ric van Rest, first started skating in the 1990s.

Carhartt WIP x POP Trading Company

The  Carhartt WIP x Pop Trading Company collection features a muted palette of black and grey hues and includes several signature Pop elements, such as corduroy, nylon, and stripe motifs. The collection is rounded off with a co-branded bag and a tasseled beanie. In addition, each item features a Carhartt WIP x Pop Trading Company lockup, applied as a label or subtle tonal embroidery.

Carhartt WIP x POP Trading Company launches on October 26th at these stores:

Carhartt WIP Store NYC
Carhartt WIP Store Amsterdam Utrechtsestraat
Carhartt WIP Store Barcelona Gotico
Carhartt WIP Store Bruxelles
Carhartt WIP Store Cologne
Carhartt WIP Store Copenhagen City
Carhartt WIP Store Hongkong Causeway Bay Pak Sha Road
Carhartt WIP Store Hongkong Silvercord
Carhartt WIP Store London Coven Garden
Carhartt WIP Store Melbourne
Carhartt WIP Store Paris Le Marais
Carhartt WIP Store Seoul Hongdae
Carhartt WIP Store Taichung
Carhartt WIP Store Taipei
Carhartt WIP Store Tokyo
Carhartt WIP Store Vienna

Photos by Hugo Snelooper and Davy Van Laere